This sealing device detects inserted bag and performs seal automatically so operator’s foot is no longer challenged. Automatic sealing activation and time controlled sealing process adapt this model perfectly to operator’s rhythm of work and secure perfect seal. Sealer is ideal also for sitting work places. Conical opening allows easy inserting of the bag from the front or from the sides.


Standard impulse bag sealer NSV-700-M here is equipped with bag support with adjustable angle. It is equipped with magnet assisted sealing and microprocessor controlled sealing.

(za farmacevtsko industrijo)

Primer varilnika za farmacevtsko industrijo z dvojno čeljustjo na pnevmatski pogon za pakiranje v modificirani atmosferi (MAP). Več o varilnikih za farmacevtsko industrijo si lahko ogledate tukaj.

Common characteristics:

Sealable materials:

Packaging line is fully integrated with the production machine up the line. Reliable and effective connecting conveyor feeds industrial paper to packaging machine. Machine is equipped with stacking device to form several different forms of bundles.

Shrink film packaging briquettes comprises conveyor belts connected directly to briquette presses and offers a reliable briquette conveying. Integrated smart dosing system saves valuable floor space and achieves high capacities which offers flexibility to connect more presses – also in later stages. Our system offers a highly reliable 24/7 operation.

We develop machinery for shrink wrapping bigger products (doors, windows, boards, etc.) A packaging challenge presented here: 50 different sizes of cardboard boxes for packaging sinks presented a stock complexity issue. We proposed and developped alternative idea: only two sizes of styrofoam ends + styrofoam wedges + wooden sticks. This solution comprises also special table (seen on the film) for assembling package before shrink wrapping it on in-line automatic sleeve wrapper.

Automatic L-bar sealer can be custom built to fit into limited space on the production location. Transporting and manipulation systems can be added and integrated with machines that deliver products onto packaging machines – also in demanding cases such as sliced bread loaves exiting slicing machine.

Integrated scale in front of semi automatic L-sealer to weigh product and assure all required parts are inside package.

Customizing our standard packaging equipment is also a way of serving our customers.

Packaging tyres is an example of customizing our simple, unique and cost efficient line of AirLess sleeve wrappers.

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