Blister sealers

We design tailor made shuttle blister sealers to exactly meet requirements – especially valuable approach when big sized products need to be sealed.

  • Single-station sealers are in the class of small capacity blister sealers.
  • Secure seal is guaranteed with precise control of sealing parameters (time, temperature, depth of sealing tool).
  • Coated sealing tools provide perfect aesthetics of the seal.
  • Quick and simple changing of face plate tooling allows sealing packages of different dimensions.

Custom made sealers are always optimally designed to fit filling and sealing process. Blister sealers are in small-to-medium capacity class as they can simultaneously be operated by two operators. Following combinations of material can be sealed:

  • Paper – paper.
  • Paper – plastics.
  • Plastics – plastics.

Custom made blister sealer

Blister sealer model B7.


Blister sealer

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