We construct tailored industrial ovens for a wide range of industrial applications: polymerisation, drying, vulcanization, curing, preheating, stabilization, ageing. Our ovens are hand made products and are extensively tested prior to shipment to ensure a trouble-free installation. When required team of our technicians installs them as well.

Temperature uniformity

Uniform heat zones enable high quality treatment processes demanded in automotive, electronics and similar industries. The temperature span we have most experience is up to 250°C.

Option of heat treating processes

Temperature can be controlled in multiple zones in line with heat treating process requirements. (dwell time, cooling). In line with these requirements also hot air extraction parameters in each zone can be designed.

Continuous ovens

Different parameters and essential parts of the oven are tailored to exact requirements: conveying solutions, controls and air flow design, loading/unloading automation etc.

Horizontal conveyor oven

Temperature span°C40 - 100
Temperature regulationPID regulation
Temperature setting°C±0,1
Temperature homogeneity°C±1
Conveyor beltPTFE
Conveyor belt widthmm450
Chamber lengthmm2500
Heating8,5 kW
Settingstime, temperature
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm3800 x 1050 x 1350

Spiral conveyor oven (two towers)

Spiral conveyor ovens save up to 50% of floor space compared to standard continuous ovens. Special feature of this oven is endless chain belt which enables products to stay on exactly the same spot during whole treatment. Oven is divided into three separate heat treating zones.

Power supplyV3x400, 50 Hz
Installed powerkW76
Temperature span°C20 - 250
No. of temperature zones3 inside two vertical columns
Temperature regulation3 x PID regulator
Temperature setting°C±1
Temperature homogeneity°C±2
Heat treatment timemin80 - 200
Conveyor beltendless
Conveyor belt widthmm350
Conveyor belt inside chambersm71
Gas extraction3 x independently from each zone
Control panelSiemens
Settingsproduct treating time, temperature, fresh air inflow quantity
Delay settingsstart delay settings, finish time setting
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm5500 x 2200 x 2500

Cabinet ovens

They are custom sized to fit given application. High quality air impingement system design guarnatees efficient product processing and temperature uniformity.

Common characteristics:

  • Uniform air flow – vertical or horizontal orientation .
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Top, side or rear mounted heater housing.
  • Thick insulated panels guarantee superior thermal efficiency.
  • Thick insulated heavy duty access doors.
  • Stainless steel construction option.
  • Option of proprietary locking.

Drawer shuttle oven

This is a type of a cabinet oven used for acrylic plates heating before they are vacuumed into their final form.

Oven with top mounted car with clams

Example of an oven with top car equipped with clams. Three acrylic plates can be treated simultaneously. Three narrow doors are constructed to limit loss of heat when plate is changed.
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