Custom made sealing equipment

Constructing tailor made sealing equipment is a part of our daily routine. Specific requirements for sealing equipment can be met by customizing our standard sealers. Exact technical specifications are defined in line with budget limitations. Here are a few examples of customized foot operated sealers.

Hand operated free standing sealer

Standard impulse bag sealer NSV-700-M here is equipped with bag support with adjustable angle. It is equipped with magnet assisted sealing and microprocessor controlled sealing.

Heavy duty industrial sealer

Heavy duty sealer with sealing jaws driven with pneumatics. It was constructed to allow access with manual hydraulic pallet lifter.

Bag making impulse sealer

Bag making impulse sealer with three film dispensing units which enable quick change of bag format and/or sealed product.

Bag making impulse sealer

Bag making sealer with lowered film dispensing unit for easier loading of heavy film reels.

Bag sealer

Bag sealer constructed with longer supporting table that enables comfortable sealing of longer bags that need to be placed horizontally.

Pneumatic bag sealer

An example of pneumatic bag sealer with two sealing jaws made for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in pharmaceutical industry. See our entire pharmacy sealing program here.
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