Foot operated impulse sealers

Heavy duty industrial bag sealers are designed to withstand demanding industrial use. Construction allows quick and easy maintenance to keep them in excellent operating condition at a low cost. Sturdy and precise construction, proven materials and components are a warranty for high quality seals. A wide variety of different needs can be covered with our comprehensive range. To take things a step further we design tailor made sealers to meet special demands in the best possible way.

Lifetime warranty on electro transformers – StrongHeart Sealers®

We have made a step further to supply our customers with a high class sealing equipment that never overheats: all impulse heat sealers are equipped with electro transformers designed according to our own technical specifications. Endurance tests have proven they are of highest quality therefore electro transformers of our StrongHeart Sealers® line are granted a lifetime warranty.



Sealable materials:

  • Polyethylene – as a standard
  • Polypropylene –as a standard
  • PET/paper/Polyethylene – as an option
  • PET/Aluminum/Polyethylene – as an option
  • Laminated materials with sealable inside layer – as an option

We produce two types of foot operated impulse heat sealers:

  • Foot operated bag sealers (for sealing ready made bags)
  • Foot operated bag makers  (for making bags out of sleeve film reel)

As a standard sealing process is foot controlled and sealers are equipped with following features:

  • Sound indicator signals when sealing and cooling times are over and pedal can be released. Sealing and cooling time are set independently.
  • Visual indicator signals when sealing time is over.
  • One sealing wire is heated to seal film.
  • PTFE (teflon) sealing support designed so it can be used from three sides (hence lasts three times longer) and thus keeping maintenance cost on lowest possible level.
  • electro transformer with life time warranty– StrongHeart Sealers®.


Additional options:

  • Controlled sealing function is available: sealing and cooling (dwell) time control which guarantees air tight seal. Additionally work with pedal is facilitated, because magnet supported holders replace foot when exercising pressure of the bar on the sealed material.
  • Bi-active seal: two wires can be heated to enable sealing thicker film or laminated material.
  • Two parallel seals for additional security of sealed goods.
  • Sealers with sealing dimensions of up to 1600 mm can be constructed.
  • Casters (wheels) can be installed upon request to facilitate moving of the sealer around the production location.

Foot operated impulse bag sealers

SVP-700 (left): a sealer designed to support heavy duty industrial production. Compact construction allows sealing up to 20 kg heavy bags.   NSV-700-T (right): heat sealer with angled supporting table for unstable products. Sealing jaws move vertically.

Two parallel seals

Two parallel seals are offered on foot operated impulse sealers as an option for additional security of sealed goods.


SVP - 400SVP -700SVP - 900NSV - 700 - TNSV - 900 - T
Power supplyV-Hz230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50
Installed powerkW0,180,240,280,240,28
Seal lengthmm430730930730930
Seal widthmm44444
Sealing timesec0,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,6
Max. film thickness (all layers)mm0,30,30,30,30,3
Sealing jaw movementhorizontalhorizontalhorizontalverticalvertical
Sealer net weightkg4050606274
Sealer size (L x W x H)mm710 x 710 x 13801010 x 710 x 13801210 x 710 x 13801000 x 650 x 10201200 x 650 x 1020
Double sealoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Twin blade cutter///yesyes
Seal finish signalvisual & soundvisual & soundvisual & soundsoundsound
StrongHeart Sealers®yesyesyesyesyes

Foot operated impulse bag makers

Foot operated bag making heat sealer NSV-400. This family of sealers is designed for larger bags making and sealing. Bags are made from a sleeve film reel that is placed on the sealer.

Twin blade cutter

As a standard pointed twin blade cutter is integrated into bag makers. It enables film cutting from either side and from the middle as well which is especially convenient with thicker bags.


Model nameNSV - 400NSV - 700NSV - 900NSV - 1100NSV - 700 - M
Power SupplyV - Hz230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50
Installed powerkW0.
Seal Lengthmm4307309301130730
Seal Widthmm44444
Sealing Timesec0.1 - 1.60.1 - 1.60.1 - 1.60.1 - 1.6 microprocessor controlled
Max. film thickness (all layers)mm0.
Film Reel Max. Widthmm4007009001100700
Sealer Net Weightkg3038455367
Sealer Size (L x W x H)mm700 x 650 x 10201000 x 650 x 10201200 x 650 x 10201400 x 650 x 10201000 x 650 x 1020
Double Sealoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Twin Blade Cutteryesyesyesyesyes
Seal Finish Signalsoundsoundsoundsoundsound
StrongHeart Sealers®yesyesyesyesyes
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