Pharmaceutical sealing equipment

Pharmaceutical sealing equipment is constructed of stainless steel and is designed to be high level »clean room« appropriate. We assure reliable performance with detailed inspection and testing of every piece before shipping it to customer.

Pneumatic impulse bag sealers

Common characteristics:
  • Microprocessor controlled sealing algorithm guarantees clean and smooth seal every time.
  • Vertically mobile electro driven sealing jaws for high level of comfort and precision – height adjustable from 500 to 1000 mm from the floor.
  • Free standing pneumatic impulse sealers and vacuum sealers both feature a user friendly interface backed by software that enables precise control over sealing (and vacuuming) process.
  • Pressure exercised on sealed material is controlled by compressed air for highest reliability of sealing.
  • Cooling time is controlled for final overall control of quality and aesthetics of the seal.
  • Bi-active sealing and two parallel seals for highest security of sealed goods. Parallel seals are 8 mm wide with 15 mm gap in between.
  • Made of stainless steel and designed for environments with highest hygiene demands.
  • 10 different sealing programs can be stored.
  • Interface in any chosen language.
  • Code access locking.
Sealable materials:
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • PET/paper/Polyethylene
  • PET/Aluminum/Polyethylene
  • Any laminated material with sealable inside layer
Model nameSVA - 500SVA - 700SVA - 900SVA - 1100SVA - 1300
Power SupplyV - Hz230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50
Installed powerkW1.
Seal Lengthmm53073093011301330
Seal Widthmm88888
Max. film thickness (all layers)mm0.
Sealer net weightkg150210250280330
Sealer Size (L x W x H)mm950 x 750 x 14001150 x 750 x 14001350 x 750 x 14001550 x 750 x 14001750 x 750 x 1400
Impulse sealing methoddouble sided double sided double sided double sided double sided
Additional parallel sealyesyesyesyesyes

Pharmaceutical vacuum sealers

Common characteristics:
  • Vacuum bag sealers are equipped with all common characteristics of free standing bag sealers (described above) – in addition they offer following possibilities:
  • As a standard vacuuming is time controlled, as an option digital pressure switch for vacuuming is installed, manual control is an option as well.
  • Gas purging with possibility of alternating cycles of purging/vacuuming is an option.
  • External vacuum source is a standard and dry vacuum pump is an option.
  • Software controlled vacuuming process guarantees air tightly closed bag with clean and smooth seal.
  • Electro driven vacuuming probe is equipped with safety sensor to prevent piercing into sealed material.
  • Height adjustable supporting table is an option.
We produce industrial vacuum sealers in line with special requirements. See more examples here.
Video 1

Video 2

Model nameSVV - 500SVV - 700SVV - 900SVV - 1100SVV - 1300
Power SupplyV - Hz230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50
Installed powerkW1.
Seal Lengthmm53073093011301330
Seal Widthmm88888
Jaws distance from the tablemm150 - 800150 - 800150 - 800150 - 800150 - 800
Max. film thickness (all layers)mm0.
Sealer net weightkg160200240180320
Sealer Size (L x W x H)mm950 x 750 x 18001150 x 750 x 18001350 x 750 x 18001550 x 750 x 18001750 x 750 x 1800
Vacuum sourceexternalexternalexternalexternalexternal
Vacuuming control methodtimetimetimetimetime
Impulse sealing methoddouble sideddouble sideddouble sideddouble sideddouble sided
Additional parallel sealyesyesyesyesyes

Sealing tongs

Common characteristics:
  • Exclusive feature of bag sealing tongs is interlocking mechanism that guarantees constant pressure exercised on sealed material.
  • Together with precisely controlled sealing energy sealing laminated aluminum of up to 1200 microns of total thickness is possible.
  • Sealing tongs can easily be disconnected from impulse generating source for easier maintenance.
  • Sealing activation: automatically by interlocking the jaws or manually after interlocking by pressing the button on the handle.
  • Trolley as an option: casters allow it to be easily pushed or pulled in all directions.
  • Smart positioning system for intuitive and secure placing of the impulse generator onto trolley.
  • Two parallel seals as an option for extra protection of sealed goods.

Interlocking mechanism.

Uniquely constructed interlocking mechanism guarantees constant pressure exercised on the sealed material. Together with precisely controlled sealing energy these sealing tongs enable comfortable sealing of laminated aluminum of up to 1,2 mm of total thickness.

Model name VK - 408CVK - 708C
Power supplyV - Hz230 - 50/60230 - 50/60
Installed powerkW0.350.35
Seal lengthbar430730
Seal widthmm88
Max. film thickness (all layers)mm0.60.6
Sealer net weightkg3131
Sealing clams net weightkg22.5
Sealer size (L x W x H)mm~630 x 350 x 1050~800 x 350 x 1050
Clams max. spreadmm4545
Impulse sealing methoddouble sideddouble sided

Stainless steel table top sealers

Common characteristics:
  • High quality sealing unit ensures strong and consistent seals as well as user friendly access when replacing wear parts (sealing wire and sealing fabric).
  • Equipped with ‘StrongHeart Sealers®' marking which guarantees exceptionally strong electro transformer (with lifetime warranty!) for heavy industrial use and sealing thin laminated materials as well.
  • Heavy duty designed - thick stainless steel casing and compact inner components give them necessary weight and stability which ensures comfortable and efficient sealing process.

Cutting the excess part of bag:

ThermaCut sealers enable aesthetically superior outlook of the sealed bag: remaining excess film is thermally cut off with additional cutting wire at the same time as bag is being sealed. Bag is always cut off neatly and parallelly with the seal.

Power supplyV-Hz230 - 50/60230 - 50/60230 - 50/60
Installed powertkW0,140,180,18
Seal lengthmm360510360
Seal widthmm2 (option 4)2 (option 4)2
Heating timesec0,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,6
Film Thickness (up to)*mm0.30.30.3
Film Reel max. widthmm350500350
Machine net weightkg58,57
Sealer size (L x W x H)mm550 x 90 x 360650 x 110 x 420550 x 110 x 360
Double sealnonosecond cutting seal
Seal Finish SIgnalnonolight
StrongHeart Sealers® yesyesyes

Tailor made pharmacy sealers

Designing tailor made sealing solutions is a part of our daily working routine. Here is an example of pneumatic bag sealer with two sealing jaws made for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in pharmaceutical industry. You can see more of our custom made sealing equipment here.
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