Table top impulse sealers

Table top sealers are a superior quality product. High quality sealing unit and inner components guarantee for a reliable and aesthetical seal. Sealers in our standard range are designed to seal bags of width up to 500 mm. On demand sealers of bigger dimensions can be constructed as well as table top sealers in stainless steel.

Table top heat impulse sealers

These sealers stand out for their exceptionally strong electro transformer and unique construction of sealing wire which features a special protection on most exposed parts to protect it from overheating and breaking. Reliability and low maintenance costs are end results.

 Sealable materials:

  • Polyethylene – as a standard
  • Polypropylene –as a standard
  • PET/paper/Polyethylene – as an option
  • PET/Aluminum/Polyethylene – as an option
  • Laminated materials with sealable inside layer – as an option

ThermaCut table top sealers

Working with our unique ThermaCut sealers is quick and efficient: remaining excess part of the bag is thermally cut off with additional cutting wire at the same time as bag is being sealed. Cutting with hot wire also provides additional second seal. Bag is always cut off neatly and parallelly with the seal. ThermaCut table top sealer (right) with additional cutting wire for thermal cutting of excess film compared to a standard model.

All types of sealers are also produced in stainless steel. More on stainless steel sealers for pharmaceutical industry find here.

Model nameSVN - 350SVN - 500SVN - 350 - RSVN - 500 - R
Power supplyV - Hz230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50230 - 50
Installed power kW0.0750.150.180.18
Seal lengthmm360510360512
Seal widthmm22 (option 4)22
Sealing timesec0,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 2,0
Max. film thickness (all layers)mm0.
Film Reel max. widthmm350500350500
Machine net weightkg58.578.6
Sealer size (L x W x H)mm550 x 90 x 360650 x 110 x 420550 x 110 x 360650 x 110 x 420
Second cutting seal//yesyes
Seal Finish SIgnal/novisualvisual
StrongHeart Sealers® yes/yesyes

Bag making machine (make-fill-and-seal)

Special type of bag maker is actually a manual vertical flow pack. It is best used for packing seeds, granulates, screws, machine parts or any bulk goods. It is not appropriate for packing powdered products (flour or smilar). Bag is 160 mm wide and can be 100-190 mm long. Film used: polyethylene, recommended thickness is 40-60 mm.   It enables bag making, filling and sealing in three steps:
  • Bag is formed from the film reel placed on the machine.
  • Bag is filled through the dosing canal.
  • Seal is made and filled bag cut off in one step.

SVD - 160/190
Power SupplyV - Hz230 - 50
Installed powerkW0.18
Bag widthmm~160
Bag lengthmm50 - 180
Seal widthsec4
Sealing timemm0,1 – 1,6
Max. film thicknessmm0.06
Film reel widthmmonly 400
Sealer net weightkg30
Sealer Size (L x W x H)mm500 x 500 x 650
Seal Finish Signalsound
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