Vacuum sealers

As a rule our heavy duty vacuum sealers are custom made. Exact technical specifications are defined in line with requirements and budget limitations. Here are a few examples of tailor made vacuum sealers.

Vacuum sealer

(with roller table)

Vacuum sealer was constructed with roller table to facilitate transport of the bags from the work place up the line.

Vacuum sealer

(with hand held vacuum nozzle)

Sealer is integrated into production line with roller tables. Special feature of this sealer is a hand held vacuum probe that facilitates vacuuming horizontally placed long bags.

Vacuum sealer

(with horizontal vacuum nozzle)

Sealer type HVV-900-A is equipped with height adjustable sealing jaws and vacuum nozzle to adapt to the height of sealed product. Widely extended casters enable easy access to the scale upon which product is placed. Vacuum switch controls vacuum pressure inside the bag.

Vacuum sealer

(with height adjustable nozzle and table)

Vacuum sealer with independent vacuum source. It is intended for extracting air from bags of granulate for easier storing and transporting.

Vacuum sealer

(with external vacuum source)

Cost efficient vacuum sealer connected to external vacuuming source with height adjustable supporting table and a height adjustable vacuuming probe. It is used for undemanding application: to stabilize products inside bags and to reduce transporting volume.

Custom made sealers

(for pharmaceutical industry)

Here is an example of pneumatic bag sealer with two sealing jaws made for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in pharmaceutical industry. You can see more sealers for pharmaceutical industry here.
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