Lap sealer

Lap sealers overlap film on the bottom of the products. This technology is used for longer products. Film sealing is performed fast and result is of highest visual quality. There is no waste film (film efficient packaging) and machine maintenance is easy compared to other automatic shrink wrapping machines.

Technical characteristics:

  • LCD touch screen control panel:
  • Sealing bar parameters control (sealing time, temperature in the shrink tunnel…);
  • inverter controlled transport conveyors;
  • single product packaging or a bundle of vertically stacked products;
  • shortest product: 600 mm.

Lap sealer

Video 1

Model nameESP - 200 / 110
Power supplyV/Hz3 x 400 - 50
Installed powerkW27
Product max. heightpcs/h110
Product widthmm120 - 220
Product lenghtmm600 +
Speed of Conveyorsm/min2...8
Working board heightmm800
Film reel max. sizemm800 x Ø250
Machine size (L x W x H)mm5500 x 1250 x 1550
Machine net weightkg1150
Shrink tunnelintegrated
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