Side sealers

Side sealers are generally used for wrapping longer products. They are technological alternative to automatic L-sealers. They allow products to only be wrapped and sealed into film without shrinking the film – used for example for magazines etc.

Common characteristics:

  • center seal – standardly built-in system forsealing at the middle of the height of a product;
  • servo controlled sealing bar operation;
  • PTFE coated side sealing bar for odourless operation;
  • LCD touch screen control panel:
  • sealing parameters control (sealing time, temperature of the sealing bar…);
  • conveyors speed control;
  • separate temperature settings of transverzal and longitudinal sealing bars which enables use of a wide variety of films;
  • possibility of single or collate packing;
  • inverter controlled speed of transport conveyor;
  • package counting;
  • product length measurement;
  • option: kissing conveyor to enable packaging shorter products,
  • packing machine can be equipped with dfferent feeding and discharging conveyors and other options that make it a fully functional packing unit for different types of products.

Side sealer


Model nameCSW - 400
Power supplyV - Hz3 x 400 - 50
Installed powerkW4
Medium outputpcs/h2000
Product max. heightmm200
Sealing bar dimensionsmm550
Speed of Conveyorsm/min10...40
Working board heightmm810
Film reel max. sizemm700 x Ø300
Machine size (L x W x H)mm2800 x 2200 x1850
Machine net weightkg850
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