Shrink tunnels

Shrink tunnels are equipped with efficient system for even distribution of heat on packaged product from all sides – bottom included. This enables optimal film shrinking on a wide range of packages: big products as well as products of uneven shapes.

Common characteristics:

  • Digitally controlled temperature and smart positioning of temperature probes enable precise temperature regulation.
  • Powerful air turbines enable homogeneous temperature area and an energy efficient transfer of heat onto shrink film.
  • Accurately adjustable flaps enable efficient film shrinking even with products of irregular shapes.
  • Tunnel conveyors are standardly made of PTFE coated rods, mesh belt is an option.
  • Option of active rotation conveyor – transfers a product relative to conveyor belt to enable hot air to access all points on the bottom of a product – for optimal shrinking of the film on the bottom of the product.
  • Option of cooling fan above exit clearance that cools down film and enables immediate further manipulation of the product with minimal possibility of accidental piercing into film.
  • We produce tailor made tunnels to adapt them to higher packaging speed, product size or other requirements.
  • Thick insulation with additional air pocket assures low energy consumption and fast heat up times.

Shrink tunnels

Model nameTS-521TS-531TT-02TT-03TT-04TT-05
Power supplyV - Hz3 x 400 - 503 x 400 - 503 x 400 - 503 x 400 - 503 x 400 - 503 x 400 - 50
Installed powerkW9138131821
Clearance dimensions (W x H)mm500 x 250500 x 350230 x 450700 x 400700 x 4501100 x 250
Heated part lengthmm100010001000100012501250
Working board heightmm850 +/- 50850 +/- 50850 +/- 50850 +/- 50850 +/- 50850 +/- 50
Speed of conveyorm/min2...82...82...81...41...41...4
Machine size (L x W x H)mm1380 x 1170 x 15401380 x 1170 x 17401550 x 850 x 140018000 x 1100 x 17501500 x 1100 x 175018000 x 1100 x 1750
Machine net weihgtkg395410190230270310
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