Stainless steel table top sealers

Common characteristics:
  • High quality sealing unit ensures strong and consistent seals as well as user friendly access when replacing wear parts (sealing wire and sealing fabric).
  • Equipped with ‘StrongHeart Sealers®' marking which guarantees exceptionally strong electro transformer (with lifetime warranty!) for heavy industrial use and sealing thin laminated materials as well.
  • Heavy duty designed - thick stainless steel casing and compact inner components give them necessary weight and stability which ensures comfortable and efficient sealing process.

Cutting the excess part of bag:

ThermaCut sealers enable aesthetically superior outlook of the sealed bag: remaining excess film is thermally cut off with additional cutting wire at the same time as bag is being sealed. Bag is always cut off neatly and parallelly with the seal.

Power supplyV-Hz230 - 50/60230 - 50/60230 - 50/60
Installed powertkW0,140,180,18
Seal lengthmm360510360
Seal widthmm2 (option 4)2 (option 4)2
Heating timesec0,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,60,1 - 1,6
Film Thickness (up to)*mm0.30.30.3
Film Reel max. widthmm350500350
Machine net weightkg58,57
Sealer size (L x W x H)mm550 x 90 x 360650 x 110 x 420550 x 110 x 360
Double sealnonosecond cutting seal
Seal Finish SIgnalnonolight
StrongHeart Sealers®yesyesyes
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